Code migrations at lightning speed.

Save days of manual work by running open-source automation recipes to automate framework upgrades, such as Next.js, right from your IDE or CLI.

Code migrations at lightning speed.

Save days of manual work by running open-source automation recipes to automate framework upgrades, such as Next.js, right from your IDE or CLI.

Build Automations with AI

Simply run intuita learn and let AI instantly build your custom code automation recipe. Automate the boring and get back to shipping more new features to end-users.

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The end-to-end platform for code automation at scale.

Build with AI

Code transformation bots, also known as Codemods, have superpowers, but they are very difficult to build. Use Intuita's AI-powered Codemod Studio to create code automations "instantly," with additional help from specialized helpers and debuggers.

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Share with Community

Connect with a vibrant community of code automation experts and share your codemods with developers by adding them to Intuita's Codemod Registry- the fastest-growing, single-stop hub for all things related to code automation, including framework upgrade recipes.

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Run with a DevX You Deserve

Discover the code automations you need and dry-run them with just one click using your favorite extension or by running one CLI command. Review and tweak changes as needed, report issues with one click, and apply the changes only when you are confident about them. With Intuita, you don't even need to know which engine powers your code automations. All the difficult and tedious parts are handled for you behind the scenes. We aim to provide an unparalleled level of excellence in DevX. Learn more about our vision for "the dream migration” here.

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Deploy at Scale

Based on our experience in Big Tech, we know that in large teams, large-scale changes are not just about code, but also about orchestrating changes across many teams until they are implemented in production. Intuita is building enterprise features such as automatic task creation, PR management, CI/CD integration, and leader dashboard to help progressive software teams go to market faster and save their engineers' valuable time from working on undifferentiated tasks. Contact us for more info.

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Praise and reaction from our design partners...

"The automated changes (by Intuita) feel like black magic here. They do 90% of the work!"

Omar López
Lead Software Engineer at

“Migrating over small things will take hours to track down & fix up, with Intuita codemod + web Ul can make that be minutes.”

Max Leiter
Software Engineer at Vercel

“This is awesome, it's lowering the bar for codemods massively.”

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent
Principal Engineer at Netlify

Automated migrations, one framework at a time.

Bring your Next.js project and run the following automations with just one click directly in VS Code (for CLI, click here).

Pages-to-App Router Recipe.

The App Router Recipe is a set of codemods that assist you with the pages-to-app migration process.

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App Controller Router Props Codemod + More

This codemod replaces all occurrences of this.currentRouteName with this.router.currentRouteName and this.currentPath with this.router.currentPath.

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Coming Soon.

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